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A good web designer can explain to you how search engines work and will use worthwhile strategies to increase your site's performance in Web Design Fort Worth search engines. Search Engines and Directories are constantly developing ways to locate websites that are trying to cheat the system.
User accounts, eCommerce, dynamic content, and client-editable content, are all examples of functions that are provided through development rather than design. They then have to upgrade or change hosting companies altogether. A major complaint that we often hear is that it takes some companies a long time to make changes to a website.

The company believes all its clients, large or small, should receive the same level of attention as Fortune 500 companies. No. Unless you have already discussed with your designer what your hosting requirements will be, you may end up with a design that will not work with the hosting plan you purchased.
The important thing to remember is that out of date content can hurt you with search rankings but updating too often for the sake of updating for the search engines can also hurt your rankings. DFW Web Design has been serving customers in the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding area as well as other parts of Texas and the U.S. since 2002.

DFW Web Design offers three ways for you to manage your content and in order to make the right decision you need to determine what you need to change and how often you will need to change it. There is an additional cost associated with using a content management system over a basic html site as well as different hosting requirements and security considerations.
WordPress does have some specific hosting requirements and not all web hosting companies are set up to host WordPress, but we can help you with the hosting. Although design and development each has distinctive and differing tasks, a smooth workflow between a designer and a developer is essential, and best achieved when each understands the basics of the other.

Most websites have a lot of static content to them, content that does not change. There is a large learning curve for using WordPress, but we do provide training and even if you have difficulty mastering it we are always here to help you or make the changes for you at our hourly rate.

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