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Leadership Expectations

A transactional leader is someone who, as the name imply, relates to his team and tasks in terms of "transactions". Supporting the leaders vision and their efforts to make necessary changes- Great followers support the leaders decisions and strategies by working cooperatively and conscientiously and extending the leaders vision to others throughout the organization.
The idea is simply to "walk the fences" so you can maintain a first-hand feel for what people are thinking, which processes are helping and which are getting in the way, and how the organization's key leadership messages come out after being filtered by several layers of bureaucracy.

In his best-selling book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell used the term "connector" to describe people who link people, ideas, and resources from diverse social and business successful businesses, connectors are critical facilitators of collaboration.
We all like to feel we're an important part of something and that our leaders understand the importance of what we do. This may Licensed Diversity and Inclusion Training sound a little silly, but I've seen far too many examples of leaders who do not understand the criticality of subordinates.

The boss expected complete loyalty and received it. Not because she asked for it, but because she saw it as a two-way street and she demonstrated the same loyalty to us. I've never forgotten that lesson and it has become one of the bedrock principals in the years of leadership experience to follow.
The leadership journals provide you the cutting edge information about the development of leadership. A manager should use the style of leadership that works best for the organization's goals and for his people. You will influence and engage employees by being socially savvy regarding which leadership style would be the most appropriate with certain personalities and in specific situations.

What truly matters to leaders and the company. Managers who have a good relationship with the employees are more likely to succeed, as companies strive to bring the best possible style of leadership in the workplace. If you look in most management books on sale today, as well as those no longer in print, they all have their own their definition of leadership.

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