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Secrets To Keep The Passion Alive In Your Relationship

Expressions of passion are extremely important to a marriage. They make us feel good and bring us closer to our significant other. However, passion is not the glue that holds a family together. While we greatly appreciate when our partner provides us with attention and gifts, it doesn't sustain a relationship. It simply boosts our ego and strengthens our self-esteem. Commitment provides us with a higher state of love.
But, when people engage in sex out of a desire not to disappoint a partner, they don’t experience any increase in sexual desire and the outcome is less relationship satisfaction. Of course, it's easy to lose touch with the importance of being deeply honest with our partners, especially over time. And it's even easier to forget that there is a profound connection between honesty and passionate sex.

the fact that he aint bending backwards for a woman he feels this great heart pumping love for for is a major alarm bell AS is a alarm bell if your dating the great guy that you dont have Passion for. So even though u got chemistry, isnt his lack of LOVEEEE for you a MAJOR alarm Create a stong and healthy relationship bell. Whats happens if hes just being a man in this situation and saying GOSH this chick loves me soooooo much the sex is good the passion is good this is only sex to him. being in a relationship that a guy only sees u as sex and never does anything to make u feel like a Queen.
To help keep the passion in your long distance relationship, work to keep the sexual tension by flirting through text and creating intimacy through video chatting. You should also go out of your way to include your partner in your life and make time devoted to spending time together and virtual dates. In our marriage, we made a commitment to be completely honest about our sex life. We know and expect for each other’s sexual preferences and desires to change over time. When one of us develops a new sexual preference, we discuss it, and then we adjust to that preference together. We never make each other feel bad or guilty for growing sexually. This allows us to always be sexually vulnerable with each other which creates intimacy and passion.
"A lot of people end up in therapy because their expectations don't match the reality of their life, and they're hoping to change their environment," Walsh says. "Sometimes, what they really need to change is their outlook." Scheduling regular time to be by yourselves as a couple, away from your work and home responsibilities, can help you stay connected and remember what you love about each other. But that doesn't have to mean getting all dressed up and going out to a fancy dinner—it can be as simple as taking a walk together every night and discussing your day.

So, my third and final secret to keep the passion alive in your relationship is, develop vulnerable sexual communication. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you’re not going to feel good in your relationship. Many couples let themselves go after marriage or a long-term commitment. Not because they want to, but they feel secure in their relationship and get busy with life.
Making a concerted effort to be intimate with your partner , will reassure them that they are desirable to you, which will probably also lead to more intimacy. Introducing new things to your sex life can also be a great way to rekindle the spark you had, by adding in something different and exciting. During the first months of marriage, feelings of loving and being loved are everywhere. This is because both the male and female notions of 'love' are fulfilled.

Commitment ensures that we're dedicated and loyal to our partner even w

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