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Structural Steel

Carbon Cast concrete is an innovative technology that uses conventional steel for primary reinforcing and C-GRID epoxy-coated carbon fiber composite grid for secondary reinforcing and shear transfer. Lancaster, Pa. (November 25, 2009)— High Steel Structures LLC of Lancaster, Pa., and McLean Contracting of Glen Burnie, Md., have been noted for a "heroic effort" by editors at The Daily Times (Salisbury, Md.) for their competent and efficient execution of critical structural repairs to the Rt. 90 bridge in Ocean City, Md., that was closed October 15.
Once you sit down on a bench in the City Hall park you are surrounded by buildings that made New York City history and don't forget your binoculars because there is a lot to seeThe Orlando Potter Building is a real beauty and has a lot of class, elegance and appeal, it's also surrounded by prestigious buildings like the row park building (1 block north) that was until 1903 the tallest building in the world.

His son, Washington Roebling, took over the project and completed it. At the time the bridge was built, it was customary for the engineer who designed a structure to take responsibility of managing the project which built it. The Roeblings were not only remarkable and forward thinking engineers (the design and many technical innovations were the father's ideas), they were remarkable, persevering, and effective project managers.
Created by the publishers of METALS IN CONSTRUCTION magazine, our newsletter informs readers about Institute news and events, as well as about emerging technologies using metal—ornamental and structural—in creating high-performance buildings and sustainable architecture around the globe.

The next change originated with the project: it was determined that the original plan to use pilings as foundations for the twin towers of the bridge was not feasible, the foundations would need to rest on bedrock which was 78 feet below grade on the one side and 45 feet on the other.
Markets served include apparel, appliances, automotive, consumer products, construction and building, cosmetics, electronics, food and beverage, government, health and medical, industrial equipment, manufacturing, sporting goods, warehousing, and distribution.
After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, research and development teams at International Protective Coatings used this proven coatings technology Structural Iron Works Bergen county NJ as the basis for development of the next generation of epoxy based intumescent fire protection, designed for use in the commercial building industry.

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