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Structural Steel

Steel canopies are the shed or covers that protect the premises be it schools, logistics warehouse or any entrance from direct rays of sunlight & the extreme weather conditions. Thousands of African-Americans would fan throughout the black ghettos of New York City, seeking work wherever and however, they could get it. Since Harlem could not accommodate all of the numerous new arrivals, the overflowing migration of African Americans moved into East Harlem, right about the same time that the Puerto Ricans began establishing themselves in the borough.
Allied Steel NYC staff has tirelessly developed a trusted and time served relationship with our Engineering Based Company since we launched our business when we began purchasing small amounts of steel product for projects on Staten Island New York City.

If you are responsible for the removal of snow, this allows the building manufacturer to legally design the steel building with less strength, and in the event you have heavy snow the build up and extra weight will cause the steel building to have a structural failure and you be have no recourse to recover your losses.
We awarded Allied Steel NY the contract to supply structural steel for the strip mall project in the Bronx, NYC, worth over a half million dollars. This installation required custom metal bending with sizes ranging from quarter inch up to three quarter inch thick, in addition to sheet metal fabrication of stainless steel and aluminum products.
Our contractor told us the quality of the steel was excellent and fabricated exactly as were required to achieve both the look and requirement. STRUCTURAL's New York team is recognized as the industry leader in developing innovative repair solutions to the most challenging infrastructure problems - with a reputation for quality, client satisfaction, and efficient project delivery.

When the Empire State Building opened on May 31, 1931, with the same Presidential fanfare enjoyed by the Woolworth Building, it had 102 storeys and reached 1,250 feet in the air. The city is full of tall iron works buildings and modern architecture. Our professional fabrication services and quality steel and metal products, we help businesses reduce inefficiencies and increase reliability amongst customers.
A structural steel fabrication firm must do the equivalent tasks as a carpenter - sawing and drilling. The structural engineers must adapt at the requests of change of building construction industry. That is why working with a reliable steel company that provides quality fabrication services and consistently delivers on time is the answer for NYC contractors and residential homeowners.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of Allied Steel NY for providing the fabricated steel used in constructing our auto workshop. Many businesses face the potential loss a considerable amount of time dealing with steel fabricators that may be unreliable, metal suppliers who fail to act on their commitments.
Steel Frame - Steel Framed homes are similar to wood structures in mechanics and practice with 2 important differences, they are impervious to termites (with the exception of wood floor sheathing common to them) and they are also fire resistant. In Harlem, these construction projects attracted many immigrant wage laborers as well, from many different ethnic cultures, mostly during the 1880's and 189

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